Lilac Fairy Doors


For an Enchanted Secret Garden or Indoor Skirting Board- So Cute!

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Adorable Twilight Glitter Sparkle Soft Lilac Fairy Door – One Door 

  • Enchanting Glittery Sparkle Soft Lilac Coloured Fairy Door for indoors or in an enchanted secret garden
  • Every little girl would love these!
  • Made of Resin
  • Dimensions: H:10.00cm x W:7.50cm x D:3.00cm
  • Great Gift Idea!

These intricately designed fairy door is sprinkled with glitter.     

Watch them dance on the flowers, singing songs of joy, these fairies will always be there to watch over you or a loved ones!

Perfect to welcome fairies into the home or garden!

Set of both doors

£9.99 for complete set


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