GL1-X Angel Oil Votive candle
GL1-L3 angel oil with hand
GL1-X Angel Oil Votive candle

Angel Oil


Heavenly Scented!

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Angel Oil –  Votive – Beautiful Spiritual Aroma

A candle that is perfumed, rich and opulent. It does smell like a high end perfume as many who experience angels or have seen angels often comment on the gorgeous perfumed aroma that can accompany these experiences.

The fragrance is perfect for lighting during your meditation or when you just want to relax

Well, a candle with the fragrance of angel oil is probably hard to imagine. With others from this range we have words like ginger or raspberry which immediately conjure up delightful smells. The approach that has been taken with this candle is that those who sense angels near them or have seen angels often comment on a wonderful light perfume that can accompany these experiences. Hence, the aroma from the angel oil candle is perfumed, rich, opulent and fragrant. The smell is “perfumed” in the true sense of the word and is reminiscent of some high end perfumes.

Dimensions: Diameter of candle approximately 5 cms (About 2 inches). Height of glass jar about 6 cm (about 2.5 inches).
Burn time: About 25-30 hours.

Environmental information:
This candle contains 100% natural plant wax from a sustainable plant source, the glass used for the candle holder had been made using recycled materials. They are suitable for vegetarians and the wicks are made from cotton.

A perfect little candle to give as a gift or to treat to yourself.           



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